Accessing Mobile Cases

Accessing Mobile Cases:

Background: I am working under my own Personal Inforama. I have set up a case called Jane Blogs Dublin and have assigned the case to myself. (Did this by setting up a case, adding the web form to the case and then under actions clicked ‘Assign to’).

Step One:

To set up a case for offline access:

  1. Click on ‘My Assigned Cases’ (Grey box on the right hand side).
  2. The New Case will appear in the table
  3. Click on Mobile Cases

assessing mobile cases 1


Step Two:

  1. The case is listed as ‘New’ in the table.
  2. Click Sync to cache offline

assessing mobile cases 2


Step Three

  1.      The status of the case will change to ‘offline cached’

assessing mobile cases 3


Step Four:

Before leaving the office, set up your tablet:

  1. Log into your Inforama Account on your tablet.
  2. Go to the New Case/Sync Page.
  3. Bookmark this page. (This needs to be done only once).

assessing mobile cases 4


Step Five:

Working offline in the field

  1. On your tablet, select the Inforama bookmark on your Internet Browser
  2. All mobile cases will appear in the table
  3. A red cloud indicates that you have no internet connection

assessing mobile cases 5


Step Six:

  1. Click onto the Case you want to access
  2. Click on the web form
  3. Fill in the form

assessing mobile cases 6


Step Seven:

  1. Once completed make sure you save data by clicking the 3 Green Triangles at the end of your form.

assessing mobile cases 7


Step Eight:

You are automatically returned to your case page (see below)

  1. Click ‘Change Status’, to change the case status to offline complete.
  2. A dialogue box will pop up, tab into it, and select ‘Offline Complete’.
  3. Click the ‘Case list’ to return to the Case Table

assessing mobile cases 8


Step Nine:

  1. Click ‘Sync’.
  2. The case name will disappear from your list.
  3. Once an internet connection is remade the data will be returned to your Inforama project.

assessing mobile cases 9


Step Ten:

When you have an internet connection, you can generate your documents with the collected data.

  1. Return to the Inforama Studio
  2. Click on your project
  3. Under Manage Cases, select ‘Jane Blogs Dublin’ Case.
  4. Click into the ‘Case number’
  5. Beside the listed web form under ‘Actions’, click ‘Generate Doc.’ and follow instructions.