How to add Project (Static Data)

Project Data is static data that will not change in a project. For example: company name, website address, email, company registration number etc…

adding project data 1

Step One:

In the project’s table, click ‘Edit Project Data’ on the left hand side. (See image above)

Step two:

Click ‘Add Data List’

adding project data 2


Step 3:

Give list a name, Click ‘Add Options’. Give each field a unique ID name and corresponding value. Make sure to have no spaces in the ID name.  Click ‘Save Data’ list.

adding project data 3


Step four:

Return to the Inforama Designer.  On the right hand side under Date/Resources click ‘Project Data’, to reveal headings.

adding project data 4


Step Five:

Click the Document field on the right with the corresponding Project Data heading. A drawing pin will appear denoting that the association has been made.

adding project data 5