Adding Signatures to Documents

In our work with loss accessors we needed to allow the assessors to capture customer signatures and generate a mandate before leaving the site. This is a regulatory requirement that allows the loss assessors to act on behalf of the client. On their tablet the loss assessor enters the basic information required for the mandate including the customer details and insurance policy details.



Once this basic information has been captured the loss assessor can then choose to generate a mandate document from a MS Word template. This template is a standard word document which is marked up in the Inforama Studio.




In the document view the user can then click the Enter Signature button and enter the various signatures required for the document. When the user then clicks the Regenerate button the document is recreated with the captured signatures inserted.





The document has been generated in front of the client and can now be added to the case using the Add to Case button.



Now when the case has been marked as complete the webform data and the generated document are sysnchronised with the case and can be accessed via the Inforama Studio.