Annotating Documents

The new annotation designer in Inforama is the result of something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. There had been a problem with adding fields to PDFs that originated from third parties – You added fields, named and styled them and then imported them into your project to bind to data. All good so far… but then a new version of the PDF is supplied and you need to add all of the fields from scratch once again. This prompted the question ‘Why not store the field definitions in an external file?’. By doing this, when the new version comes along, all of your annotations are stored separately. The layout might not be perfectly consistent but moving existing fields is a whole lot easier than creating them all from scratch again.


This approach opens up new opportunities – the base document no longer needs to be a PDF. It can be an image file or the file can be created in memory. At the moment the annotation designer supports textboxes, checkboxes, panels, images, lines and barcodes. We expect this list of components to be extended in future release but for the moment we have enough to produce high quality invoices, quotations and other documents.

Your feedback is always valued. Let us know if you can see extensions to this functionality that might be of benefit.