Compliance – don’t let it hold you hostage


How many times have you heard people say that compliance is killing productivity. Compliance, whether you like it or not, is here to stay and will probably only get more onerous. Small businesses or solo practitioners who are on the losing side of a daily compliance battle, have an uphill struggle where competitors are leading the charge with automated technologies.

For field workers and sales teams compliance can mean that a customer mandate needs to be generated and signed on site. Yes, you can fill it in by hand, get the customer to sign it and bring it back to the office to be scanned / stored. But why not generate it as a digital document so that it simply flows into a process and have it synchronize back to the office? Not only is it stored immediately but office workers can start to work on it while the road warrior is still at large.

What about when document footers and templates change? Do you wonder where all of the versions of your documents are or do you simply make a single change once so that all of your documents are now compliant. If you are asked about what you do to comply with internal and external regulations, being able to point to an automated process means you’re a large part of the way there.