Controlling Table Row Visibility in Web Forms

In a lot of the projects we’ve been working on recently, it has been very useful to be able to control the visibility of table rows depending on values entered elsewhere. Take the following page as an example where an attorney needs to display only one of the rows following the selection of a transfer type in a dropdown.

Inforama Web Form Designer

Inforama Web Form Designer


There are four possible selections that can be made in the dropdown and only one of the rows following the dropdown should be displayed. In the table you create a row for each selection and in the dropdown properties popup shown above click the ‘Assign to’ link.




There’s a transfer_type variable that was created previously so that’s selected in the assign variable dialog. Now in the rules dialog we can set a rule for each of the selections plus the null selection.




And for each rule a condition is set based on the transfer_type variable. The net effect is that when the form is processed only one of the rows is displayed…




These rules and events are constantly being added to for each of the Inforama Web Form components and can also be scripted into form events.