Customers Respect Your Brand And So Should We

Whether your company is a worldwide organisation, a small startup, hundreds of years old or newly formed, having an identifiable brand is a key ingredient for success. We are all programmed to indentify recurring patterns – it’s known in Psychology as ‘Pattern Recognition’ (

A typical company brand will consist of a logo, a small number of key colours and a font. The colours in a brand can evoke emotions in individuals and extensive psychological research has been done into this ( These emotional responses are key to brand recognition and feelings of comfort and safety where trust has been built up over time.

Having done so much work to build your brand and create trust associated with it, it’s important that the brand is reflected in every aspect of your customer engagement.

So where does Inforama fit in to brand consistency?

Inforama Web Forms are a great way for companies to engage with customers and third parties and it was obvious from the outset that being able to refect a company’s brand in those Web Forms was very important. This thinking led us to build in the Web Form Styler which takes a different approach to html styling. While there are underlying css stylesheets that control the look and feel of the form the Web Form Styler takes css a step further by allowing granular control over Web Form components and sub elements.

Take as an example the following basic page designed in the Web Form editor…


Functionally it’s fine but it lacks a little pizzazz. With the Web Form Styler you can modify the font size and colours for individual components.


In the screenshot the label component’s colour and font size has been changed and the form now appears as follows…




Image Styling Within the Forms

Inforama includes a unique method of retrieving and rendering SVG images in the browser. We have built on this so that images can be styled in much the same was as other elements. When the Web Form Styler is opened, it’s possible to select a custom colour for form icons.


Now the form can be styled even more in line with corporate branding guidelines.




Now you have a completely custom created Web Form with simple and complex components and multiple pages which is branded in accordance with branding guidelines. This becomes even more valuable where you embed the form within your company website. There will be more to follow on this feature so make sure to check back soon.