Embedding Webform on Third Party Sites

Our webforms have turned out to be pretty versatile with people using them to collaborate with each other on PCs and mobile devices. You can now embed your webform in your own website and capture customer information quickly, easily and with little or no programming skills.

Simply create your form in the Inforama Webform Designer, it can be as simple or complex as you need.


Next you go back to your project view and click the ‘Actions – Embed Webform’ menu item for the new webform.


The following dialog will appear. You simply copy the code and put it into the HTML of the page on your site where you want the form to appear.


You now have a data capture form on your site which any of your visitors can use.


Now go back to the Inforama Studio, click the ‘Webform Responses’ link on the left and you will see your form responses roll in…


With the data you can do lots of things including extract via API, generate documents and assign to cases.