Inforama 3.0 Released

It doesn’t seem so long since we were announcing the release of Inforama version 2.0 but since then we’ve been listening to our users and adding features and enhancements that have been requested. We’re happy with the results but take a look for yourself to see how Inforama has been made even better.

Open Office / Libre Office Templates

You can now create Templates in Open Office writer that can be merged with dataset data and project resources like text blocks and images. This is perfect for documents that can have a variable layout like contracts and legal agreements.

When you generate an Open Office document you can return it as Open Office format or you can choose to convert it automatically to PDF. As with other document types an Open Office document can be included as part of a pack.

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Multi Document Packs

Packs allow users to group multiple documents of different types together so that they can be produced in a single document production job. Email templates can be associated with packs in cases where you need to email the generated documents.

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Default SMTP Gateways

You can now use one of the default SMTP gateways through which to send your emails or configure your own if necessary.

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Project Resources

You can include resources including text blocks and images which can be included in emails, PDF documents and Open Office Letters.

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