Inforama Webform Panel Events

Inforama Webforms are proving a big hit with Insurance Loss Assessors and a number of new features are making them even better.

Form Events 

Using form events you can decide how the form behaves for the user. For example you can show and hide different rows in a panel component as below…




Each of the panels shown (Insurance Details, Loss Adjuster Details, Broker Details, etc) have more rows than are shown but an initialisation event has been configured for each to hide from row 2 onwards. The search button indicated allows the user to display a list of Loss Adjusters as shown below…





In this dialog the user can filter the list by typing some of the word they’re looking for. They then select the required item and click OK. The entire Loss Adjusters panel is populated with details of the selected Loss Adjuster.





Now the user can see details of the selected Loss Adjuster by clicking the ‘show more…’ link. This link has been configured with a click event which toggles the rows in the panel. Click it again and the rows hide again.

The form now has a much more logical layout and the user can show and hide elements they’re interested in as required. This allows them to concentrate on the more important case information and to complete the form much more quickly.