Open Office Letter Mail Merge

We’re well into the development of the next major feature of the Inforama Studio – Letter Mail Merge. There are limitations that a brower based studio presents that need to be overcome, the main one being that we don’t have a browser based word processor to work with. So for now our approach is the as follows…

  1. Create the template in Open Office (We will follow with the ability to process MS Word docs).
  2. Insert markers into the document where processing needs to take place. This is done by adding text like ‘$M{firstname}’ or ‘$M{date}’.letter-template
  3. Upload the document to your project.
  4. Use the studio designer which locates the marker fields and shows them in the fields list.
  5. Associate the markers with fields in your
  6. Generate the docs (you can choose to output to Open Office format or PDF).generated-letter

We’re looking for feedback on this and whether you see this as a usable approach. If you have any ideas about this we’d be delighted to hear them.