Our new site is live

Since the initial launch of our site at the beginning of the year we have been listening to feedback from our users. Based on this we have added a host of new features and re-orgainsed it in order to make it clearer to use. We’re very pleased with the outcome and hope you are too.

Annotation Designer

The Annotation Designer allows you to added components like textboxes, images, checkboxes, barcodes and repeatable panels as overlays PDFs. This means that you no longer need to create your forms in Acrobat Pro or other PDF editors. It also means that you can update the underlying PDF template without affecting the annotations which are stored separtely to it.

Repeatable panels allow you to place textboxes within a panel component which gets duplicated based on a number of line items found in the data payload. This is perfect for forms that require repeatable data like invoices, quotations, packing lists, etc.

Email Designer

The Email Dditor allows you to create HTML email templates which can be used when emailing documents to customers. As with the Form Designer, the Email Designer allows you to add data placeholders to the templates which are merged at runtime.

Pack Editor

You can now group all of your generated documents into a single pack which can be emailed or generated in batch using the same data payload.


You can uploaded images and text blocks to your projects which can be referenced from your document.

You’ll find more on this on our webcasts and screenshots pages.

We’re always keen to hear from users so please let us know where you think we can improve.