Taking forms on the road


Can be done in two ways in your personal Inforama. You can either:

  1. Set up a case (adding the form to it) before you hit the road. (or)
  2. Assign the form to yourself first and set up the case once you are out on the road

Option 1:   Set up a case (adding the form to it)

After you have created the webform: Set up a case for the client

  • Go to the Studio page
  • Click ‘Manage Cases’

taking forms on the road 1


  • Click ‘New Case’
  • Enter a name for your case
  • Click on the ‘Case Number’. As you will see there are no webforms added yet.
  • Click ‘Add Webform’
  • Select the webform you want to add.
  • Under ‘Actions’, click ‘Assign to…

taking forms on the road 2

After that…

  • The dialogue box below will appear, beside ‘Recipient’ click ‘Me’. The case will be assign to your work load under ‘My Assigned Cases’. (The grey box on the left hand side)

taking forms on the road 3


Option 2.   Assign the form to yourself before setting up case on the road

Step One

  • When you have created your webform in the Webform Designer click ‘Save’ and return to your project, using the crumb trail…

taking forms on the road 4


Step Two

  • Click under ‘Actions’ and then ‘Offline Access’
  • Click box ‘Allow for use offline’ and then ‘Save’

taking forms on the road 5

The form has been assigned offline assess and can be added to new cases set up on the road.