The day I met myself

Things have been pretty frantic lately and my family have been telling me that one of these days i would meet myself. Well last week it finally happened. I’ve been thinking lately that an integration between Inforama and Saleforce would make sense, so when I received an email informing me of their App Bootcamp in London, I decided to attend. When I arrived I found that another Val Cassidy (from Salesforce) was also there.

Our name is quite unusual and finding another is very unlikely but this wasn’t the first time our paths had crossed. For about fifteen years now we have been shadowing each other around Dublin – we both worked in Bank of Ireland at the same time. In fact I sat in the same seat that Val had vacated two days previously. We used the same accountants and our accounts were mixed up on a few occasions. I can’t count the number of people who have announced ‘I know another Val Cassidy’. I hope it’s the same one and not another one to add to the list.

The bootcamp was very informative and I’ve spent some time putting together an integration with Inforama from Salesforce. It works very nicely but there’s more work to do in order to get it approved for listing on the AppExchange. Many thanks to Val and his colleagues and it was great to finally meet up after all these years.

Val Cassidy (Salesforce) and Val Cassidy (Inforama)