Web Form Page Logic

Our web form beta program is in full swing and the feedback we have been receiving is very useful. One particular feature that seems to be of most value is the ability to apply logic that determines whether or not a page will appear depending on the values entered in previous pages.

This is an extract from the documentation that describes the process…

Creating Some Variables

Open the editor for a Web Form that has multiple pages and then click on the ‘Form Variables’ button


The variable manager dialog will open. Click the ‘Add Variable’ button in order to create a new variable. Enter a name that you want to give the variable and select the type of data it will be storing. The different data types are String, Number, Boolean and Date. Click save to save the variable.


In this project we have created a web form with three pages and three variables


Assigning Variables

Using this example, on page 1 of the web form select a field that you wish to use to assign to a variable. This variable will be used in the logic for a subsequent page. Click the ‘Select Variable…’ link as shown below.


The ‘Select Variable’ dialog will appear as below. Select the firstname variable and click the ‘OK’ button.


Apply Conditional Logic to a Page

Using the page list dropdown select the second page in the web form. Then click the page properties icon and the page properties table will appear on the right of the page.



Click the ‘Modify Conditions…’ link and the conditions editor will appear.


Click the ‘New Condition’ button and the conditions editor will appear. Select from the operator list and enter a value for comparision. In this case we want to check to see if the firstname variable starts with the value ‘joe’.


To summarise what happens when a user is navigating the form now… if they enter a value for firstname such as ‘joe’ or ‘joey’ the second page of the web form will appear. If not the second page will be skipped.

You can enter as many conditions for a page as you want.

If you would like to get involved in the beta program just send us an email to beta@inforama.com