Welcome to Inforama.com

We’re delighted to have recently acquired the inforama.com domain name. It wasn’t cheap, but it will be a very solid step in reinforcing our brand. Our journey to this domain has been a long and meandering one which serves to illustrate how difficult it is to come up with a name for a start up because of the availability of good, easily pronounced, and easliy remembered domain names.

When we started out we launched with the domain names in4ama.com and in4ama.org. I always try to steer clear of names which contain numbers like activ8 or xlr8 but in our case it was unavoidable because of the availability of good domain names. I find it takes to much explanation when you introduce yourself and your company to clients, partners or other people. It invariably ends up with something like ‘Hi, my name is Val and I’m from in4ama. Thats in4ama with the number 4. You can find us at w w w . i n 4 (that’s the number 4) a m a .com’. It just takes up too much time and people have very short attention spans so it means you’re losing your audience while not getting to the point.

A few years back the domain inforama.org lapsed and we managed to grab it which made introductions much easier. But now we’re inforama.com and we’ve got a shiny new version of the site to go with it.

Hope you like it and let us know if you have any suggestions for it.