What is the difference between Document Automation and Mail Merge?

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Increase your profit margins with Document Automation


This is a question we frequently get asked: what is the different between document automation/document assembly and mail merge?  A quick and easy answer is document assembly is mail merge on steroids.

Let me explain. Mail merge is a word processing tool deployed locally on a desktop based application. It allows the user to produce multiple documents from a single template, by populating its fields with individualized customer information. For example a standard letter can be customised with different customer name, address, date, greeting etc…

Document automation is much the same BUT unlike mail merge it can be deployed on a server or more recently in the cloud. This centralizes document generation.  In addition, unlike mail merge, document automation systems, can pull information from many different data sources.

Hope that clears it up for you. Document automation is the way forward, as it increases efficiencies, while dramatically reducing costs. Not bad in this current climate!