Who Knows Your Customers Best?


Who knows your customers best? At the risk of sounding obvious… your customers do!

Over the years our Web Forms have had to become more adaptable, responsive and customizable as more and more has been demanded of them. Now they will render in a browser for internal teams, external users and third parties. They are also used within the Inforama App for field service users on and off line.

One feature that was always useful was the ability to embed an Inforama Web Form within a website for users to complete. While this is useful, it’s limited insofar as it could only handle submissions anonymously. As we could already handle cases collaboratively within the studio the next step for us was to bridge the gap between a company and its customers via the company’s own website.

The video below shows an integration with Salesforce that delivers requests to customers to complete their own information on a company’s website. Customers are directed to the company website where an Inforama Web Form is embedded and is setup to handle data specifically for the targetted customer. Customer responses flow directly back into the Inforama Studio where they’re extracted again using the Inforama API.


What this video demonstrates is how you can include your customers directly in your back office processes allowing them to manage their own data. This cuts down on the time spent on call centre conversations and improves the efficiency and accuracy of the data capture process.