Inforama Case Study - Loss Assessors

Helping Loss Assessors...
• Adhere to regulatory requirements
• Capture claim data including photos and signatures
• Produce signed customer mandates on-site
• Synchronise with Studio and manage cases
• Produce all claim documents and associate with case


Loss assessors are increasingly under pressure to process claims in a cost effective and compliant way. In order to help streamline this process, Inforama has developed a solution which enables loss assessors collect information in the field and then produce all relevant claim documents. Gone are the days of pen, paper and camera. Now with Inforama you can process a claim up to 50% quicker than before.

Creating a Customer Mandate

One of the first tasks that a Loss Assessor needs to carry is to get the client to sign a new mandate document as required by law. This mandate is required by the client's insurers to confirm that the loss assessor has been appointed to carry out the claim on the client's behalf.

Now on site, the loss assessor enters some basic information and generates a mandate document on the tablet. The client views the document within the viewer and simply signs it. When signatures have been entered the document is regenerated to include them. Once completed the signed document is added to the case and compliance has been satisfied.

Capturing Claim Data

The process of capturing data on-site has been streamlined enormously with the use of Inforama Web Forms. Pre-defined lists allow the loss assessors to select from lists of referrers, insurance companies, brokers, etc.

Sketches can be made and photographs can be taken of damage. Any signatures can also be captured on-site.

You can explore more features of the Inforama Web Form in the samples page

Working with Cases in the Field

Step 1 - Create cases in the Inforama Studio before site visits. Some basic data can be entered and then assigned for use offline on the app. The loss assessor then goes to their app and these cases are pulled into it.

Step 2 - While on-site, the loss assessor captures data, generates the mandate and saves it to the case. When they are finished with the case on the app, they mark it as complete and it synchronizes back to the Inforama Studio.

Case Completion

With all information collected and synchronized back to the studio, the loss assessor can now, as directed by the Customer Mandate, process the claim and generate all relevant documents, letter and emails.

Once produced, all documents are stored within the case and can be retrieved or regenerated at any time if and when required.


Loss assessors have found that by using Inforama, they can process a case 50% more quickly than previously. Not only are they now working more efficiently, but are confident that all compliance issues have been addressed.