Inforama Documentation

Working with Email Templates

When PDF documents have been generated it may be necessary to email them to customers or other parties. In these cases it's usual to create a template for the email body or the text that arrives in the mailbox of the recipient. This can be done with our HTML email editor.

Creating a new Email Template

To create a new Email template click the New Template link in the menus on the left of the screen.

Next click the Email Template box in the template selection screen.

On the following screen enter the name that you wish to give the new Email template and click the Continue button.

You will now be brought to the email editor where you can start to edit your email template.

How to send emails using email templates

When you have your email template created and wish to use it to send emails you will need to create a pack. For more information on working with packs please see the Working with Packs section.