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Working with Open Office / Libre Office Letter Templates

Open Office templates offer a flexible way of creating free flowing letters that can be generated in different output formats. For the purposes of the content that follows Open Office can be substituted with Libre Office depending on the word processor that you wish to use.

Creating a new Open Office Template

To create a new Open Office template use Open Office to create the template with the content that you require. Wherever you want to insert dynamic data within the template insert a 'Marker' with a name, for example if you want to insert a customer firstname you should enter the following...


Continue this process throughout the document and when finished, save the document to your local machine.

Next click the New Template link in the menus on the left of the screen.

On the following screen click the Open Office / Libre Office Letter link.

Next you will be asked to upload the document that you created at the start of this process.