Inforama Documentation

Working with Packs

Inforama Packs allow you to group documents together so that they can be generated in a single document engine call.

Creating a new Pack

Click the New Pack link in the menus on the left of the screen.

On the following screen you can configure the pack in a number of ways...

Add templates to Packs

You can add any of the templates you have created in your project to the pack. This is done by clicking the green arrow to the right of the template name in the Available Templates table. When clicked the template will appear in the Selected Templates table to the right. You can remove a template from the selected templates table at any time by clicking the red X icon to the right of the template name.

Click the icon if you want to specfiy options for generating a selected document. If you click this for an Open Office template you will be presented with the dialog shown below where you can specify the output format for generated document.

Specify the main dataset for a Pack

When you generate the pack you need to provide the data in format that was used when creating the document bindings (the same XML structure). You will need to select the dataset from the list of available datasets in the datasets tab as shown below.

Email Settings

If you plan to distribute the generated documents via email you will need to use the Email tab to configure the email template, SMTP Gateway, Subject and Recipient field that should be used.

The Recipient field needs to be selected from the dataset that was selected in the Datasets tab. If you click the Select Field link to the right of the Recipient Field textbox a dialog will appear that presents the dataset as a tree representation of the XML dataset. You can then select the field you wish to use and click the Save button in the dialog and the selected field will automatically appear in the textbox.