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Inforama Documentation

Working with PDF forms

PDF Forms are a standard format for data capture in many market sectors including financial services, government, healthcare, education and insurance. Typically these forms are forwarded to applicants by post and returned once filled in. With Inforama these forms can be prepopulated with database data and emailed to the customer. This reduces postage costs, time delays, data entry mistakes and the amount of paper being used. PDF Forms can also be tagged with barcodes allowing them to be scanned when returned to the originator. Using this method companies can streamline their workflow processes by automatically identifying the customer and the document type.

Create a PDF form that can be used in Inforama

There are a number of applications that allow you to create PDF forms which can then be imported into your Inforama projects. These include Adobe Acrobat and Open Office. Take a look at the webcasts below to see some examples of how to create PDFs.

Creating a pdf document with form fields in OpenOffice
Adding form fields to a pdf using Adobe Acrobat Pro
Creating a pdf document with form fields in OpenOffice

Importing PDF forms

When you have a template that you wish to use in Inforama, go to the project that you want it to be included in (create a new project if you haven't done so already). Click the New Template link in the menus on the left of the screen.

Next click the PDF Template box in the template selection screen.

On the next page select the PDF file that you wish to upload to your project and click the Add Template button.

Now when you go back to the project home page you will see the uploaded template listed in the Templates tab.

You can delete the uploaded template at any time by clicking the red X icon under the actions column in the Templates table. You can also replace the template by clicking the green arrow under the actions column in the Templates table.