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A Quick Introduction to the Inforama Designer and Engine

Use the Annotation Designer to add text, image, check, barcode and other components to your templates. Styles can be defined separately and used to provide consistency.
Create bindings to XML data, Spreadsheet data, and resources such as images and text blocks.
Templates are generated into customer ready PDF documents which can be emailed or returned for printing in batch.
Manage multiple projects from a single page. Create projects quickly and easily.
Manage all of your project artefacts including templates, datasets, resources and packs from the project management page.
Create packs that comprise of multiple documents. Include email templates for packs that will emailed when generated.
Create email templates and bind to data using the Inforama email editor.
Automate emails and attached generated documents. Email uses data from bindings as do the PDF templates.
Use the powerful Inforama API to automate the generation of documents and integrate with other systems accross various technology platforms.
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