Data Collection
Create Your Own Custom Web Forms
Web forms enable fast & efficient
data collection like never before
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Document Production
Multi-Format, High Volume, Predictable
Document Production takes the
pain out of creating documents
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Consistent, Reliable & Compliant Documents
“What our Customers Say...”

Inforama Web Forms

Do you need to capture data in-house, from third parties or on the road?

With Inforama you can create your own custom, multi-page forms with standard and complex components.

Forms can be completed by mobile workers or third parties either on-line or off-line.

Want to try it out before you setup an account? No problem, go straight to the Web Form Studio and start building powerful Forms in the cloud.

Inforama Document Automation & Assembly

Would you like to automate the production of customer documents and emails?

Does your current document production system take up too many valuable resources?

Collaborating on Inforama

With Inforama you can collaborate with users in-house, on the road or with third parties.

Assign cases to users and watch as the responses come into your dashboard

Use collected data to produce documents and add them to cases in your dashboard

Inforama for Developers
Use the extensive Rest or SOAP APIs to Integrate Inforama with in-house or other cloud services

API Guide
Our API guide will take you through the process of integrating with our services.
Our extensive examples will get you up and running with our services in no time.

Inforama is a powerful platform made more powerful in the right hands. Our partner program is structured to bring value to clients and partners alike...