Inforama Hybrid Cloud Model

Inforama's hybrid cloud allows users to migrate between public & and private cloud and on-premise solutions

Inforama can be implemented in a variety of ways that suit your needs. All users can get started on the public cloud and develop projects including document templates and datasets. API integration can be tested and worked through in the public cloud environment and when satisfied you can then decide how you wish to work with Inforama in production.

Depending on your chosen package, you can take projects that were developed in the cloud environment and have them run in a private cloud or on-premise using a locally deployed Inforama Engine. This means that you can migrate to and from cloud environments as you need.

You can even mix and match where your projects reside. For example you can keep your Inforama projects in the public cloud and have your on-premise or private cloud instance retrieve templates from there.

On-Premise Inforama

If you need to run Inforama on your in-house servers you can benefit from the additional integration that can be achieved.

Retrieve data from directly from your database
Store generated documents in your document management system
Print directly to in-house printers
Use email gateways to send documents

If you would like more information on the Inforama hybrid options use the Contact us section or email us at .