Inforama Data Capture & Document Automation

Inforama's unique combination of Data Capture and Document Automation provides a powerful and easy to use cloud based platform which will bring efficiencies and cost savings to small and large businesses alike.

Web Forms & Data Capture

Our Web Forms allow you to gather customer information quickly and efficiently whether on mobile or desktop. You decide what information to capture using our powerful Web Form Studio Editor. Create multi-page forms with a selection of simple and complex components.

Take your forms on the road with any mobile device. Capture signatures, photos and make sketches which can then be generated into any document template. Collaborate within an organisation or send invitations to third parties to complete. Embed on websites and see responses flow in.

Document Automation

Inforama makes it easy to get up and running with best of breed Document Automation. Create multi-format documents including PDF, MS Word, Open Office, Email, Excel, etc. Create templates from your existing documents - simply upload them to the Studio and indicate where your data should appear.

Merge with data from different sources including XML, Spreadsheets, Salesforce and other CRM systems. Our powerful Studio allows you to create documents with tabular data, formatted data, composite data, images, signatures, etc.

Data & Document Collaboration

Not only can you create an individual project on Inforama but you can also work collaboratively with colleagues. Setup an organization and manage user permissions to collaborate on customising, editing, assigning and viewing forms in realtime. Data can be captured either on-line or off-line and synchronized back to projects when a connection has been made. Documents can be created from Web Form data, and managed within these cases.


Inforama works with clients across a wide range of industries including Insurance, Education, Healthcare and Local Government. The Inforama platform has proven itself many times over in delivering effective cost savings and efficiencies.

Whether you are a small business who want to work collaboratively or a large enterprise that wants to integrate with back end systems Inforama has a powerful set of features that can help you.

API Automation

With its powerful API Inforama is bringing Enterprise level document production and automation to businesses without the overhead of maintaining internal systems.

When you have your templates and datasets ready why not really take Inforama to the limit by using its powerful API. Choose from our SOAP or Restful services to start creating cases, assigning webforms and generating high volume documents. Inforama is the perfect document automation platform for integrating with either backend systems or other cloud services like Salesforce.