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Web Form and Document Production Tutorials

Send Webform Invites and Generate Docs
Capturing customer information has never been easier. With Inforama you can create simple or complex webforms, send invitations to external or organisation users and automatically produce documents from the responses.
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The PDF Designer and Generating Documents
Companies who want to produce customer correspondence typically strugge with mail merge or cumbersome in-house systems. Well, you can say goodbye to that and start generating documents quickly and efficiently.
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Adding Form Fields to a PDF Template using Inforama's Annotation Designer
Have a PDF without embedded fields? No problem, just use our annotation designer to create placeholders for your components inlcuding textfields, checkboxes, shapes, barcodes, etc.
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Collaborating with Organisation Users with Inforama
All organisations, whether large or small need to collaborate on documents and customer information. With Inforama you can capture data and collaborate on cases in order to streamline multiple processes.
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