Design your own Web Forms
Gather Customer Information Quickly and Efficiently
Our simple intuitive browser based web form solution, allows you to design your own web form to gather specific client information. Once created the web form can be hosted directly on Inforama's website. An email invitation is sent to the recipient asking them to complete the form. Alternatively the web form can be hosted on your business's own website. Once completed, you can then populate letters, contracts and forms with the web form data.

Web form can be reused for multiple clients
Browser based studio
Allows individuals to work collaboratively
Low cost with high R.O.I
Work on or off-line

Refer or Embed
With Inforama Web Forms you can collaborate on forms either on the Inforama website or your own website. The process is simple...

Create your web form in the Studio
Send invitations to colleagues / third parties to complete
Make amendments as required
Generate documents from the collected data

Use the gathered data to generate multiple documents and formats including letters, forms, emails, etc.

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