Inforama - Marketing Document Automation

Inforama allows you to create targeted and highly personalized direct mail, sales sheets, promotional offers, brochures and much more

Inforama makes it easy for marketing and business users to work independently of IT in order to target customers with high quality, professional document. Inforama is designed as an intuitive document automation solution to meet the requirements of different users with different skills. From marketing and line of business to operations and IT, Inforama helps create more attractive, easier to understand, relevant marketing communications that encourage buying and other desired behaviors based on specific customer data.

Inforama's online design interface can be configured so users can easily and independently manage different aspects of the document production process, such as template design, message creation, and channel output.

Simple and seamless integration

  • Online or On-premises solution to match your business process
  • Integrate easily with existing IT and corporate systems
  • Seamlessly work with any data format or database, as well as enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, content management, imaging archives, etc.

Reduce paper and postal costs

  • Deliver relevant marketing messages and offers into regular correspondence like monthly statements - where customers are more likely to read them - rather than produce separate direct mail pieces
  • Leverage Inforama's built in email engine, APIs and high-volume production capabilities for TransPromo communications

Examples of personalized documents that you can create with Inforama:

Brochures, Web Forms, Booklets, Data Sheets, Direct Mail, Agreements