Inforama Documentation
Summary of Inforama Features, Take a tour and see how different document types can be generated quickly and easily
Getting Started

Getting started with Inforama couldn't be easier. Simply sign up for a free trial and you can have 30 days free access to all of the functionality.

For info on...

  • Navigating the features of the Inforama Studio
  • Creating and Managing Inforama projects
  • Backgrounds for other documents

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Working with PDF forms

There are a number of ways that you can work with PDF forms within the Inforama Studio. These include working with PDF forms that you have created in-house, PDF forms that have been provided by third parties or PDF forms that are used as the foundation for invoices, quotations, statements, etc.

Perfect for...

  • PDF forms that you have created with Acrobat Pro
  • PDF forms that you have received from third parties
  • Backgrounds for other documents

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Annotating PDF Templates

The Inforama Annotation Designer allow you to add new fields to PDF documents you have uploaded to your projects. Add textboxes, checkboxes, images, barcodes, repeatable panels.

Perfect for...

  • Adding fields to PDFs without fields
  • Adding repeating panels to documents
  • Adding barcodes to documents

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Working with Email Templates

Email templates can be created in the Inforama Studio using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor. Emails can be merged with data from datasets and can have generated PDFs and Letters attached to them.

Perfect for...

  • Cover emails for generated documents sent as attachments
  • High quality personalised marketing emails
  • Configuring from and reply-to addresses

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Working with Open Office Letter Templates

Open Office letters can have data merged from datasets to produce personalised Open Office documents or PDF documents. Include text from resources to build complex documents.

Perfect for...

  • Free flowing text letters that need to adjust with paragraphs
  • Documents that need refinement with post production
  • Configuring from and reply-to addresses

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Working with Document Packs

Packs allow users to group multiple documents of different types together so that they can be produced in a single document production job. Email templates can be associated with packs in cases where you need to email the generated documents.

Perfect for...

  • Grouping documents into a single production
  • Associating email template information
  • Configuring production settings such as output formats, backgrounds, etc.

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Working with Resources

Users can upload resources consisting of images and textblocks to their projects. These resources can then be referenced dynamically from documents.

Perfect for...

  • Images that can be included in documents
  • Text blocks that can be included in documents

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Working with Datasets

Data, which is merged with the various document type can be provided in spreadsheets or XML documents.

Perfect for...

  • Merging data into documents and emails
  • Data extracted from databases and CRM
  • Coding conditional logic

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